Mom, The Not Destroyed Family

Carol Beth Scott, the NOT Destroyed Mom

Carol-Beth Scott has been a dance instructor, counselor, travel agent, choreographer, gymnastics coach, entrepreneur and children’s pastor.  She has combated violence, lived in fear and planned her escape.  Now she is at peace, lives and loves abundantly, and walks in faith.  Her calling and journey has always been parenthood. While other girls dreamed of their wedding, she planned her parenting.  Her life began in May of 1998, when her son, Joshua was born. Noah was born the following year with Hannah, two years afterward.  Along with her husband David, their family was complete and full of tremendous joy.  

With the births of her children, Carol-Beth began a journey of remarkable joy and unspeakable tragedy. When an attempt was made to destroy their family, she took the same dedication she’d given in her life to being a mother and expanded it to create a way to raise survivors, instead of victims. While it wasn’t easy and forced her to grow as a person in ways she’d never planned, she learned she could do it, and in the end she would have whole and healthy children, rather than the broken ones she had been promised.  Once again, she is at peace, lives and loves abundantly and walks in faith.

And you can, too — even if the unthinkable has happened in your family.

Carol-Beth communicates her life journey, her mistakes and her victories, her joys and her sorrows, all to help other mothers out there raise their own children to be the remarkable creatures they were destined to be.  From before they were born, through each stage of her own children’s development, she has parented deliberately and thoughtfully. She has been rewarded with not only happy, healthy offspring, but also peaceful, loving, trusting, laughter-filled relationships with each one of them.

Would you like that, too?

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