As the original members of the Not Destroyed Family, we were directly affected by sexual assault  & we refused to let shame live in our home. Now, our grown children walk forward as survivors, not victims.

From our very first google search, we found out there was nothing – literally, nothing available to help parents walk their children through healing to the other side. When we first started our journey in 2003, there was very little written about how to even tell if your child had been assaulted, and much of it was faulty. We quickly realized if we were going to see our kids through to true, radical, authentic healing, then we were going to have to pave that path for ourselves. And we did.

Walking through the pain isn’t easy, but you will never be alone. We’re here to help you by providing the same tools we used to bring us through to the other side.

Have hope! Despite what you may have heard, your child is NOT destroyed. We can help you close the door on the mad rush of sensations that have riddled your child with fear, anger and possibly proppeled them to act out sexually on other children. We can help you with the day-by-day, hour-by-hour journey through the pain you are also going through. We won’t lie to you and say it’s easy or quick, but we will help you find hope. We’ll help you find healing. We’ll walk beside you on this journey to building your own Not Destroyed Family.

Every journey to healing begins with a single step. Our journey to helping others heal began by telling our own story. If you’d like the full version and more tools for your journey, you can buy it today.

The story of the original Not Destroyed Family contains not only inspiration but also tangible tools to help every affected family on its journey of healing.

Countless families of all color, structure, belief and size have applied our principles to find healing for their children after the trauma of sexual assault.