Dad, The Not Destroyed Family

David Scott, the Not Destroyed dad

David Scott may have a name used by hundreds of other men in the country, but his faith, heart and humor make him one-of-a-kind. He grew up in California and then Texas, where he settled in to become a career firefighter of over 20 years. He loves the Lord, his family, his friends and his career — in that order. His faith is unwavering and inspirational to everyone around him.  

David grew up in a home with such rhythm, routine and restraint. It offered order, calm and consistency, and he didn’t know what hit him when he met Carol-Beth. Since they fell in love and married over 25 years ago, he’s chosen to hang on for the ride and even kept his eyes open (nearly) the entire time! He’s grown to use his quick-witted humor as a tool of comfort for those in pain, his weaknesses as an example for others to follow when they have their own struggles, and most importantly his decision to show love has grown to include everyone in his path. David never stops looking for new ways to help, even if it means tremendous sacrifices.

As a firefighter, David loves both fighting fire and being a paramedic. He’s a field training officer and a mentor, but he’s chosen not to promote to being an engineer/driver and eventually captain. David prefers to lead as a peer, bond as a brother and honestly, doesn’t relish the idea of being in charge of a group. He prides himself on being a “follow-through” guy who does things well. Working 24 hours at a time with the same group of men has given him lifelong relationships. The rhythm, routine and restraint; order, calm and consistency of the fire station likely helps him survive the 48 hours he then shares with his constantly chaotic, creative wife.  

As a father, David is exceptional at being in the moment with his children. If they’re excited about Pokemon hunting, he’s out there with them when they hunt and exchanging tips via text message. If they have an idea for a new game in the backyard, he’s playing it with them. He protects them with an atmosphere of trust, with safeguards and honesty. He never hesitates to use himself as an example of failure to help them find their own path.

As a husband, David has grown to become a leader in ways surprising only to himself. (Carol-Beth always knew he had it in him!) With a gentle kindness and humor — and never raising his voice or cursing in anger — David sets the bar high and lives up to it. He supports his wife in all ways.

He first resisted, then begrudgingly took on the task of family devotions with his children when they were small, blessing Carol-Beth by taking it out of her hands. He then developed an entire program easily used by other fathers, which he has a burden to teach to dads everywhere.  

He first resisted, then begrudgingly took on the task of sharing the burden of family finances, blessing Carol-Beth by taking it out of her hands. He then developed such an extensive program of tracking and budgeting, Carol-Beth begged to take it back (and she did!). Now David used his skills to track, budget and care for the businesses Carol-Beth develops.  

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