Joshua, The Not Destroyed Family

Joshua Scott, the Not Destroyed inspiration


Raising an Alpha Male isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding beyond measure.

Besides Carol-Beth, Joshua is the one most likely to rub others the “wrong way” when they meet, but he’s much more likely to inspire tremendous awe and inspiration.  Why?  He’s an alpha male and he takes no prisoners.  Joshua is who he is and will always be that person. Thankfully, his parents know it isn’t rebellion that drives him — it’s passion — and it’s most often a passion for doing what’s right, making a difference and being the best version of Joshua he can be.  

Arriving early and talking very early, Joshua fulfilled every vision and dream Carol-Beth had of motherhood.  He was precocious, stubborn, willful and loving. Always physically affectionate and challenging anything he didn’t understand, to Carol-Beth he just made sense. He was gifted physically from the beginning, conquering sports and performance arts with equal agility. His gentle spirit led him to much prefer dance and gymnastics over sports. He didn’t want to push others out of the way or best them. He wanted to work side by side to accomplish goals. And accomplish them, he has.

Joshua’s passion, drive and ability to excel has led him to leapfrog over obstacles others only stare at, but it’s also led him to sometimes do things before he thinks them through. Passion and drive will do that to a person! Parenting a child like Joshua is often challenging, but doing it in a way where he allows his parents to walk alongside him as he learns makes it worth it. Walking hand in hand with a boy as he turns into a man, especially a man whose light shines so brightly, is a heady privilege. It’s like living out an epic adventure every day.

Never one to want to sit down and methodically learn it in small detail, Joshua has learned he is capable of book and computer work but doesn’t desire it. He has always dreamed of being an adult who moves and influences change as a career, and at the tender age of 18 he secured his first job as an officer. At 21 he will test and work to become a law enforcement officer, a career he chose at the age of 5.

When Joshua enters a room, he unintentionally dominates it. When Joshua speaks, others grow quiet and listen. This charisma has served him well, when working on group projects and pursuing his goals, but can make individual relationships difficult. He has purposefully sought to learn and has accomplished his ability to exercise self-control. His kindness and caring is as visible as his passion and purpose.  

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