Noah, The Not Destroyed Family

Noah Scott, the Not Destroyed brother

Just typing the word “Noah” makes me smile.  

Noah is an extraordinarily gifted and intelligent introvert. He intuitively understands both language and STEM subjects rapidly, has developed an ability to listen and respond to others with kindness and consistency and seems to be able to pick up any book, listen to any lecture or hear any new thought and not only understand it, but take it to the next level.

But that’s not what makes him exceptional.

Noah is exceptional in one area — kindness.  He is 100 percent completely and consistently kind. It’s not necessarily always obvious on the surface.  Like many a hidden genius, he’s had to work to learn mindfulness, outward thoughtfulness and awareness of other’s needs. Tact is a skill he’s had to develop, as well. His completely authentic approach to life has led to honesty at moments when it’s not necessarily appreciated. But underneath is a profound and genuine kindness with no exceptions.

He sees the best in others. He treasures it. He supports it. He speaks it to the person when he sees it. He’s thankful, grateful and loving in ways most of us can only hope to be after a lifetime of development and taking our own selfishness to God in prayer. And he came to the world this way.

When he was small, Noah was our “hidden treasure” and not because he was shy but because he was quiet.  He would sit quietly and play, think, dream and plan. He was as stubborn as every other member of the ND Family, and the struggle he did have when he was small was laziness. He’d rather endure a punishment than actually clean up after himself or do a chore. Once he had every toy he didn’t clean up methodically put into a bucket as punishment for not cleaning them. He made games out of two pieces of fuzz and a small stick.  

While Noah was still in his most deeply introverted stage of life, he approached Carol-Beth and asked to take voice lessons, not to perform but just because he loved music and wanted to learn about it. Once he began, the whole family found out singing was his passion and his gift. Since then, he’s developed on stage as a comedian and passionate actor.  

As he rapidly approaches adulthood, Noah often talks about not knowing who or what he’ll be as an adult. It wouldn’t be surprising to see many versions of Noah as an adult. His gifts will open many doors. It’s just a matter of seeing which one he will walk through.

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