What We Do

We provide resources for families going through the trauma of childhood sexual assault.

Are you or is someone you love dealing with a child who has been sexually assaulted?

You’re in the right place.  We recommend you start by reading our posts, ordering our book and subscribing to our email list so you can find out about new resources as soon as they’re available. We’re working diligently to provide as many types of tools as we can, all using the methods we used when faced with this crisis in our family. We’ve made the mistakes and experienced the successes and are sharing them with you in hopes everyone can benefit from our journey.

Do you want to help children and families suffering from sexual assault?

We can definitely use your help!  Please become a supporter of our cause.  Our tools can only help people find healing if they know they exist.  We aren’t looking for financial support – we’re looking for people willing to share on social media, read our book and post a review or distribute bulk orders of our needed books at cost.  Are you ready, willing and able?  Then, please Join the Not Destroyed Family today!